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Promotion to Life!

Zylo Media is a digital marketing company with big ideas.  We’re here to help businesses large and small build highly engaged relationships with consumers, using our innovative advertising technology.

How It Works

For Players

1. People play simple games on their phone, tablet or computer and win offers frequently

2. At each win, a choice is made: to accept or decline the offer BECAUSE...

...if an offer is accepted, the player will be locked out from accepting another offer for a period of time 

Advertisers Love BoodleUP

We're using BoodleUP to spread the word about specific items from our menu - like our gluten free bagels and our homemade soups.  As a result, we've had lots of new, interested customers coming through our door; some because they've accepted an offer from us on BoodleUP, and others just because they learned about us there. With BoodleUP we can give people a chance to try what we do promotionally or at a discount, and we never give away more than we're comfortable with.  BoodleUP is giving Bam Bam Bakery great exposure!

Bevin McNulty, Owner
Bam Bam Bakery

BoodleUP is a wicked cool, fun and addictive online game and marketing program that engages game players in a unique and positive way. One of the benefits that I found most intriguing was that players are actually engaged with your company by playing the game. Players get hooked on the game - they play until they get the prize that they want - and they see your logo and prize images hundreds of times. Compared to many other types of online media or traditional media, it's a solid value. It's the next big thing!

Thomas Wilson, Marketing Director
Gritty McDuff's Brewing Co.

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About Us

Zylo Media was founded by Bob Bruce, Kate Snyder and Colin Snyder, entrepreneurs who believe businesses small and large should have a way to engage with their customers that is fun, cool and that really works for everyone involved. BoodleUP is the initial application of our patent-pending game rewards technology.

Contact Us

Robert Bruce CEO
Bob is unrelenting, some might say obsessed, when it comes to understanding business and consumer psychology with an eye to marketing, which we all know is the engine behind business growth.  As a serial entrepreneur, Bob has been closely involved with successes ranging from an innovative colorectal cancer screening technology to the most profitable stand alone casino in the world.  Bob has an MBA from Yale and a BA in East Asian Studies from Princeton.  He speaks fluent Mandarin, but never just to show off.

Kate Snyder Director of Sales & Marketing 
Kate’s diverse experiences have always had a common theme – by making a personal connection with people, help them achieve their goals. How many people do you know whose work experiences yielded close relationships with fashion designers, doctors, corrections officers, small business owners, politicians, school administrators, social media gurus and entrepreneurs?

Colin Snyder CTO 
Colin is that rare animal who is both a rockstar coder and a great manager.  He has built and led a development team that created and maintained an enterprise reporting product used by many of the largest financial institutions on the planet, but he also codes a mean iPhone App (and used to be a robot geek long before robots were cool).  Colin has a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Cornell.

You have a great product.

Get the right people to try it by

using self-selecting sampling.


For Advertisers

1. Choose your promotions (e.g. a cookie, tickets to a show, a pizza or a buy one, get one)

2. Determine a monthly maximum take allowance per offer

3. Watch as players discover and engage with your promotions!

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Zylo Media and BoodleUP are registered trademarks of Zylo Media, LLC

BoodleUP is all about increasing awareness of The Planet Dog Company Store in the Portland and Maine community. It engages customers and potential customers in a really unique and fun way with our business, our brand and our products.  BoodleUP directs people to check out our website, and it drives people into the store.  (And once they come in – we’re confident they’ll be back!)

Jim Williams, Manager
Planet Dog Company Store

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