Bring Your

Offers to Life!

Zylo Media is a digital marketing company with big ideas.  We’re here to help businesses large and small build highly engaged relationships with consumers, using our innovative advertising technology.

How It Works

For Players:

1. People play simple games on their phone, tablet or computer and win offers frequently

2. At each win, a choice is made: to accept or decline the offer BECAUSE...

...if an offer is accepted, the player will be locked out from accepting another offer for a period of time 

Follow us:

  • Turn your offers into the content that consumers seek out!


  • BoodleUP is a unique platform that combines performance marketing with high-impact, display advertising. 


  • Our players elect to engage with BoodleUP when they want, where they want (phone, tablet or computer), and they select the prize offers that they like.

For Advertisers:

1. Choose your offers (coupons, discounts or promotional goods/services)

2. Determine a monthly maximum take allowance per offer

3. Watch as players discover and engage with your offers!

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